B2B Appointment Setting

The truth is, most decision makers and high level executives are very busy individuals.  If you don’t have a prior relationship with them, getting an opportunity to talk with them is a difficult challenge.  PBP Media’s appointment setting service can be the solution.

Appointment Setting Service

PBP Media’s trained telesales team, combined with our proprietary database of high-profile decision makers, uniquely positions us to offer qualified appointment setting services to grow your business.  Our aim is to connect you with key decision makers.

Our pre-screening process helps identify the best candidates for your products and services, allowing us to only reach out to those business leaders who fit your target profile.  You determine the criteria – title, industry, company size, geography – and after the meeting is set up, your sales team will be notified of the appointment in advance, giving them ample time to prepare.

Let our trained, US-based telesales team reach out to pre-qualify prospective customers on your behalf and generate qualified, sales-ready opportunities with prospective customers who are ready and willing to speak to your sales team.  Whether you have a small business or a larger company, our appointment setting services can help increase your sales and generate new business.

Benefits of Appointment Setting

Here are the some of the benefits to you and your organization:

  • Generate Opportunities, Not Leads - Our appointment setting service takes lead generation to the next level.  Leads are individually called and appointments are set, creating qualified opportunities for your sales team.
  • Increased Conversion Rates – Pre-qualified appointments are generated based off of your target profile.  This allows your sales team to reach your ideal prospects and increase conversion rates.
  • Shorten Sales Cycle - The majority of time in the sales cycle is spent identifying the decision maker and setting up the initial meeting.  Our team does the work for you, letting you close more deals in less time.
  • Reduced Risk – PBP Media’s programs allow you to only pay for appointments matching your profile, ensuring your marketing dollars are never wasted.
  • Get Past The Gatekeeper-  Our trained sales team are experts in getting past secretaries and connecting with the decision makers.
  • Save time – All businesses are on tight schedules, including yours.  Eliminate wasted efforts spent by your sales team cold calling or pursuing unqualified prospects.
  • Manual Quality CheckEach appointment is individually scrubbed for quality purposes, ensuring you only receive the most qualified opportunities.

Increase Sales Productivity

Sales reps face many challenges. Between working new prospects, closing deals and keeping current clients happy, sales teams are constantly pressed for time.  With so much on their plate, they often have trouble finding time to cold call and prospect for new leads.  PBP Media’s appointment setting service can help eliminate this problem by generating pre-qualified appointments.

We can help your sales reps become more productive.  No more wasted time cold calling.  No more endless hours prospecting.  No more needless efforts setting up introductory sales meetings.  We do all the leg work, generating qualified opportunities for your sales team.

Quality is Key

It’s important to us that we not only create more leads for your sales team, but build your brand and reputation as well.  Over 70% of our clients are repeat customers.  Many have been with us for years.  This is because of our strong focus on quality and partnering together with our clients to help them achieve success.

At PBP Media, we focus on quality over quantity.  That means that we take careful precautions to make sure the appointments generated meet and exceed your expectations and increase sales.  Our proven methodologies for appointment setting will maximize your ROI.

PBP Media’s appointment setting services have been proven to provide a powerful and effective way to generate qualified opportunities. If you are looking for a way to increase the productivity of your sales team as well as better target your potential clients, allow PBP Media’s appointment setting services to help you reach your goals.

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