Online Display Advertising

Did you know that a B2B Magazine survey revealed that 95% of purchasing agents use the web to conduct research on products and services before making a buying decision? Now you know why we believe that the ability to connect with decision makers online is imperative to a company’s growth.

Merely having an online presence today is not enough.  Businesses need to be able to effectively target and reach out to current and potential customers with laser like precision.  Most have become desensitised to old world mass marketing efforts.  The only way to connect with prospects is through engaging content and a highly segmented approach.

Benefits of Display Advertising with PBP Media

  • Target Audience – Generate interest from a targeted audience.  Industry specific sponsorship opportunities allow you to reach a highly segmented audience, helping to increase click through rates.
  • Increase Brand Awareness – Build brand exposure to industry decision makers.  Developing top-of-mind brand awareness is key to driving sales.
  • Drive Clicks to you Site – Increase your site traffic.  Display advertising can be a driving force whether your goal is to generate white paper downloads, webinar enrollments, or e-commerce.
  • Engaging Content – Display advertising by itself is largely ineffective.  The key is to partner with engaging and stimulating content.  This helps dramatically increase click through rates and the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Immediate Action – Display advertising opportunities generate immediate responses.  You’ll see instant results, regardless of your marketing objective.
  • Measurable Results – Once your campaign is launched, we provide immediate feedback on its click through rate and effectiveness.  This allows you to make on-the-fly changes to maximize impact and help achieve your marketing objectives.

PBP Media’s Display Advertising Services

PBP Media has developed a trusted network of 12 business-to-business sites covering a wide variety of industries including HR, IT, finance, safety and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and more.  Over the years, we’ve developed a strong reputation as a leading provider of quality B2B news and information services for top level executives and decision makers.  Many of our subscribers rely on our content and analysis to stay current with the latest stories and trends in their industries.

Our millions of industry-specific subscribers represent a great opportunity for potential advertisers.  Target and get noticed by a large number of high-profile decision makers in the industries or segments you are looking to reach and watch as your business grows.

E-Newsletter Sponsorships

Sponsor any one of our reputable and trusted e-newsletters and connect with a targeted industry-specific audience. Emailed weekly to millions of opt-in subscribers, PBP Media’s e-newsletters give you the opportunity to feature your company’s products or services alongside popular and engaging content.  Your company’s logo and name will be linked in our emails, helping you to generate new business and drive traffic to your site.  Leaderboard (728×90) and Medium Rectangle (300×250) spots are available.

Site Banner Ads

We also offer display and banner ad spots on our sites.  Like the e-newsletters, our sites are viewed by industry-specific decision makers.  These display ads create brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.  With a variety of pricing options, like our cost-per-click or CPM (cost per thousand impressions), you can choose the strategy that is right for you and see which campaign best fits your budget. Leaderboard (728×90) and Medium Rectangle (300×250) spots, with both static and dynamic options are available.

Why You Should Increase Your Online Presence

The problem with traditional mass marketing is at its core.  Mass marketing campaigns ignore market segment differences and speak the same message to all prospects.  Today’s savvy marketers understand that to be effective, you must become much more targeted.  Businesses and consumers have more choices than ever before, so to stick out above the crowd, you have to present relevant opportunities to highly segmented audiences.

Traditional marketing also poses another challenge: consumers can’t immediately engage or access more information about a company or its services just by looking at a magazine ad, billboard or TV commercial. With online display advertising, prospects are easily and instantaneously able to view your website or other marketing collateral when viewing your advertisement online.

Web advertising also delivers instantaneous and precise feedback to marketers on the effectiveness of their campaigns. Most traditional mass marketing efforts can take weeks or even months to measure their impact, and even then, it is very challenging to directly attribute a sales increase to a specific print advertisement.  Online display advertising provides immediate response and conversion rates. Therefore, advertisers are able to tweak live campaigns to maximize ROI with little lag time, so almost no time or revenue is lost when a new strategy needs to be implemented.

The great benefits of online display ads have been proven in a recent Kantar Media industry report, which revealed that online display advertising increased by almost 15% in the first quarter of 2011, marking an important gain in the advertising world. In comparison to other forms of media and advertising, this sector out-performed the others by far and is a sure sign of its positive effects on sales and business growth.

However display advertising on it’s own is not enough.  Marketers must be able to target industry specific decision makers.  That’s where PBP Media can help.

If you are looking to drive sales to your business or increase your brand awareness and online visibility, we can make it happen. PBP Media has the tools and the know-how to get you the results you want through online advertising.

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