Lead Generation with Content Syndication

Each year, B2B marketers around the world are surveyed about their priorities. Lead generation always stands out as one of the top three. The results of a recent survey by Focus Research and eMarketer are no different: 55 percent of those surveyed ranked lead generation as their No. 1 priority.

So, with the complicated and every-changing landscape of media and marketing, where do you find quality leads?

Content is your most valuable currency online. Your prospects want to solve problems, learn and connect. And, they’ll pay (by filling out a form) for it. Use educational content to make that connection and become a trusted resource. Be the go-to guy to solve their problems.

What type of content? Articles, case studies, white papers and videos — it all works. Now, we wouldn’t recommend you put a form in front of a short, general knowledge article. Save the forms and paid syndication for high-value content. That’s information your prospect will be happy they “paid” for.

Where should you syndicate your content? Start by looking into the publications where you typically advertise. Most trade publications have caught on and now support a robust online presence. They may have a resource section with paid
white paper placements where visitors are asked to fill out a form to download the information.

For example, take a look at Occupational Health & Safety. You can pay per lead or pay for a certain amount of time to be posted. In the best-case scenario you can customize the form (by location, title, industry, etc.) and only pay for A-quality leads. Publications such as New Equipment Digest and EHS Today are even offering content syndication through their e-newsletters.

There are also third-party syndication partners who work with various industry websites to help promote your content. For example, if you’d like to reach the food processing industry, you simply provide them your content, description and form fields, and they go out and seek leads through various online sites. In this case, you may have to pay for a minimum amount of leads, but they work to find leads that meet your requirements for as long as it takes — one week, one month or longer.

From our experience with B2B clients, costs range from $50 to $70 per lead. That’s it! Imagine what you pay for a print ad placement: $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000.

When’s the last time you could directly attribute a lead to that marketing spend?

If quality lead generation is what you want, syndication is what you need.

(Note: Syndication doesn’t work best alone. It draws in the highest quality leads and conversions when paired with strategic branding and marketing tactics. Brand awareness is crucial to being a trusted resource.)

About the author: Ashley Reppert, Account Executive at Schubert Communications, provides B2B clients with strategic public relations, marketing and interactive support. For more information, visit www.schubert.com.

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